Thursday, February 27, 2014

Proud to be an American..and St. Louisan :-)

So this week we finished up our President unit.  We talked about being an American, the freedoms we are given, our founding fathers, and presidency.  We were doing an activity that started with the question:  If you could be president, would you?  So immediately every hand goes up as a "yes" to this, right?  Then we talked as a class about what would be really neat about being president, and what would be not-so-neat about it.  We tied in some opinion writing earlier in the day about this, and did this project in the afternoon: 
We talked about what they wanted to do when they got older, and we made caricatures to match.  I teach at a school in Illinois, but we are only 20 min away from St. Louis, Mo, so I had to show my STL pride here (and obviously the pride of this student)..
Where are my phonetic speller pro's?  Can you read that? I Could Be President, but I think I'll Be.... a CARDINAL'S PLAYER!  I love it!!  

Here are some other President activities we did this week:

I always enjoy this unit, partially because of its material, but also because it always seems that the writing my Kinder's do shine in this unit.  We do creative writing, writing to a prompt, opinion writing, and 4 block writing, and I'm always impressed with how it turns out--how far their writing has developed.  


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