Friday, September 23, 2016

The students are enjoying their center time.  They work on particular skills such as letter identification, matching capital and lowercase letters, name writing, etc.  

In Religion, we talked about sharing.  How we should not only share our goods with others, but our talents, kindness, and "our happy faces" as well.  :)  

In Math, we are still working on number writing, counting--up to the number 10.  I thought we'd mix it up a bit, and form our numbers with Play-Doh. 

This was our "pull and count" game.  We then marked them on a ten frame.  

How is it that counting is sooooooo much more fun when you have witch fingers to count with???

The highlight of our week, however, had to be our field trip to Eckert's to apple pick...and play.  

Look at these cuties!  It was hot, and they were tired, but they nonetheless posed for all of us wanting a class picture!  

Sunday, September 18, 2016

No More Wrinkled Hearts

This week we celebrated Grandparent's Day.  It was so nice to meet all of the grandparents that came to visit that day!  I know the kids were sooooo excited, thank you for sharing some of your morning with us!  

The kids were sure to show their grandparent's their "Days of Creation" mobiles hanging around the classroom.  

We read Chrysanthemum, and talked about how many letters we have in our own names.  Next we graphed our findings!

The story of Chrysanthemum, and the other kids teasing her in the story, because of her long name, also lends into a great lesson on how we are suppose to treat people and how we should always try to treat people the way Jesus taught us to treat people--with love and compassion.  We extended this by discussing the weight of our actions and words.  When we say mean things, we wrinkle someone's heart.  We demonstrated this by each taking a turn wrinkling up the large heart made of colored paper.  When we were all finished we tried to straighten out the heart again--make it like it was before we said hurtful words.  It's a great lesson on how our words can permanently damage or "wrinkle" someone else's heart and how we never want to be the one responsible for putting wrinkles in someone else's heart.  At the end, each child made a promise not to wrinkle anyone else's heart.  

In Math we talked about greater than, less than, and equal to.  We varied 3 different set of cards--picture cards, ten frame cards, and number cards.  The students paired up and talked with each other using their math words; greater than, less than, equal to.  

Finally, this week we began morning centers.  We bingo dabbed matching lowercase letters, picked our favorite color words, and used our focus on color words to pick out things in a magazine that are that color.  

That's it for this week, thanks for stopping by.  

Monday, September 5, 2016

This past week in school, the class received their "prayer pockets."  We discussed as a class why we pray, and that we can pray anytime during our day, and we can pray a lot of different ways.  We made a classroom list of people and things we wanted to pray for as a class, I typed it up at home, and printed them out for their prayer pockets.  Their prayer pockets get to stay at home with them, and they can color pictures of people/things to pray for, or if they are ready to write, they can write the words and pray for these intentions anytime.  
We also are having a lot of fun with our alternative seating, and "reading" our Library books to our reading buddies, aka stuffed animals. :)  

However, one of the favorite highlights of the week was writing our numbers in shaving cream!  

Look at those faces!  Shaving cream for the win, y'all!