Friday, September 23, 2016

The students are enjoying their center time.  They work on particular skills such as letter identification, matching capital and lowercase letters, name writing, etc.  

In Religion, we talked about sharing.  How we should not only share our goods with others, but our talents, kindness, and "our happy faces" as well.  :)  

In Math, we are still working on number writing, counting--up to the number 10.  I thought we'd mix it up a bit, and form our numbers with Play-Doh. 

This was our "pull and count" game.  We then marked them on a ten frame.  

How is it that counting is sooooooo much more fun when you have witch fingers to count with???

The highlight of our week, however, had to be our field trip to Eckert's to apple pick...and play.  

Look at these cuties!  It was hot, and they were tired, but they nonetheless posed for all of us wanting a class picture!  


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