Sunday, December 13, 2015

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas....

Hi all!  We will begin our last week of school before Christmas break, and we are in the Christmas Spirit here at SPPCS.   Here are some pictures of our "The Birth of Jesus" books.  These are in my TPT store for any educators who are interested.  They are perfect for the little ones--with a lot of picture prompts.  

We also worked on Mix-It/Fix It sentences, Christmas style.  We wrote each word on a circle (oranament), then mixed them until the sentence made sense, then we recorded the correct sentence on the paper.  The kids are really, really liking their Interactive Notebooks this year, it is fun to hear their excitement when we work in them.  

Last week was Gingerbread week.  We did some beginning writing booklets.  
I would run to the "attic".  (I love how they labeled the boxes :) )

I would run to the "bedroom"

 We have been spelling CVC words with fridge magnets on the smart board.  It's their new favorite!

Below, we began this at the start of Advent.  It is a checklist of good deeds your child can do.  If/when they do one, they color in the flame.  
 This is on the back side of the "Let Your Light Shine" sheet.  We have colored it and add a flame every Monday we return to school.  

Monday, November 30, 2015

Oh no! Has it really been about a month since I have posted on the blog???? Shame on me! It is a time consuming, yet rewarding task. I like to provide a window to my classroom for parent's to see. It does motivate me to hear from you all, so I know that the site is being read/looked at though, so always feel free to leave me some feedback. Ok, so let's go back to October. During our spider theme, we worked more on our _at word families. Here's a look at an interactive QR code game, that the kids play with the tablet. They have to match the _at picture to the text, to the QR code text.

We have been working a lot on beginning sounds in our centers. We introduced ABC order, and _an word family as well.   Here are some of our activities:

We started our reading groups, we use Reading A-Z for many of our stories.  After this particular one, we made a grocery list of what you would need to make YOUR sandwich.  

In Math, Mrs. Dugan came up with a great Thanksgiving Probability center:

We made our pilgrims with what they were thankful for... this one makes my teacher heart happy!  

Thanks for stopping in!  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

It has been a busy, busy month! I have come to notice that reading and counting is SOOOOOO much more fun when you have witch fingers to help you out! :)

In centers, we have been working on beginning sounds, and matching our letters--capital and lowercase.

In Math we spent the lesson on comparing numbers by playing the card game War.  We played with both cards and 10 frames.  They had so much fun!

Finally, this past week we introduced our first word family, the _at family and made _at words.  

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Celebrating Pope Francis

Counting & writing & reading our numbers has been the name of the game lately.  :)  We have an interactive notebook that the students do work in, and they love it!  This week we worked on our number words.  

We also are working hard on our letter/number formation, and always starting our letters from the top.  I heard a cute story while on our field trip the other day:  a parent had told me her daughter was practicing her numbers and said "Now, tell me if I'm doing it right," and then proceeded to tell her, "no, no I didn't do it right, I started from the bottom."  I had to laugh because after I show the class how to write a number /letter, I'll ask them to watch me and tell me if I'm writing it correctly.  Sometimes I do, and sometimes I do not--they love to tell me when I do not. :)  Here, we are practicing some more number writing.  

This week brought a lot of discussion about Pope Francis, The Holy Father, and his visit to the United States.  We made welcome signs for him and took a class picture with our #FlatFrancis.

We learned some fun facts about Pope Francis that the kids were anxious to quiz their parents on.  

Parents, #FlatFrancis will be joining you at your house soon for shared prayer time.  Feel free to take a picture with him and send it to me.  We can make a class book in Religion class. :)  

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Color me happy!

It was all about the colors of the rainbow this past week.  Color words in general, actually!  Here is a look at some of the things we did this past week:

In the above pictures, we have some students working on finding something that color in the classroom then drawing/coloring a picture of it, and some were coloring a color word for morning work, using our crayons displayed in the classroom to help them figure out what color word they were looking at.

We also worked in our Interactive Alphabet Notebook.  They love this!   This week was letter Mm:  Mimi Mouse.

We finished our Creation mobiles this week.  I love this art project, and it is a great visual for them.

Meet ROY G BIV!  He helps us remember the colors of the rainbow!