Thursday, September 24, 2015

Celebrating Pope Francis

Counting & writing & reading our numbers has been the name of the game lately.  :)  We have an interactive notebook that the students do work in, and they love it!  This week we worked on our number words.  

We also are working hard on our letter/number formation, and always starting our letters from the top.  I heard a cute story while on our field trip the other day:  a parent had told me her daughter was practicing her numbers and said "Now, tell me if I'm doing it right," and then proceeded to tell her, "no, no I didn't do it right, I started from the bottom."  I had to laugh because after I show the class how to write a number /letter, I'll ask them to watch me and tell me if I'm writing it correctly.  Sometimes I do, and sometimes I do not--they love to tell me when I do not. :)  Here, we are practicing some more number writing.  

This week brought a lot of discussion about Pope Francis, The Holy Father, and his visit to the United States.  We made welcome signs for him and took a class picture with our #FlatFrancis.

We learned some fun facts about Pope Francis that the kids were anxious to quiz their parents on.  

Parents, #FlatFrancis will be joining you at your house soon for shared prayer time.  Feel free to take a picture with him and send it to me.  We can make a class book in Religion class. :)  


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