Saturday, September 5, 2015

August: let the adventure begin!

We have started off a new school year!!  I am excited to share with you some of our pictures of what we have been up to.  

One of the most exciting time for the Kindergartners is meeting their 8th grade buddies at the beginning of the year.  Their buddies come in and talk with them, share stories, hobbies, ask them questions, etc.  Here are some pictures of their first meeting.  

I love children's literature!  I especially love some of the "back to school" books that are out for kids.  One of my favorites is Chrysanthemum.  We read this book and have several activities going along with it.  We  talk about the letters in our name and graph how many letters we have in our name.  We talk about that graph and share what we notice.  
In short, the book is about a girl named Chrysanthemum, that goes to school and gets made fun of b/c of her long name.  We also throughout the story talked about how unfriendly her classmate, Victoria, was being to her.  We took that a step further another day, by making  a heart, then showing that everytime someone hurts us or is mean to us,  we wrinkled that paper heart.  In the end, we showed that even when someone says they are sorry, our heart will never get back to unwrinkled.  We talked about being the kind of friends that do NOT wrinkle hearts.  

In the first few weeks of school, we have also worked hard on how to manage our small groups in our centers.  They love love love center time!  Here are some pictures of things going on in those centers.

On the tablets they are spelling words around the room with a magnetic alphabet app.

Matching capital and lowercase letters.

Bee hives to bears--more capital and lowercase matching

Tracing the alphabet with Playdoh

more magnetic letter fun

Stamping the alphabet

They are so eager to find a book when we are finished with our work--I love that!

We are having lots of fun learning new things and building our brains!  So much fun in fact, that sometimes Kindergarten just tuckers us out.  :)


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