Sunday, December 13, 2015

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas....

Hi all!  We will begin our last week of school before Christmas break, and we are in the Christmas Spirit here at SPPCS.   Here are some pictures of our "The Birth of Jesus" books.  These are in my TPT store for any educators who are interested.  They are perfect for the little ones--with a lot of picture prompts.  

We also worked on Mix-It/Fix It sentences, Christmas style.  We wrote each word on a circle (oranament), then mixed them until the sentence made sense, then we recorded the correct sentence on the paper.  The kids are really, really liking their Interactive Notebooks this year, it is fun to hear their excitement when we work in them.  

Last week was Gingerbread week.  We did some beginning writing booklets.  
I would run to the "attic".  (I love how they labeled the boxes :) )

I would run to the "bedroom"

 We have been spelling CVC words with fridge magnets on the smart board.  It's their new favorite!

Below, we began this at the start of Advent.  It is a checklist of good deeds your child can do.  If/when they do one, they color in the flame.  
 This is on the back side of the "Let Your Light Shine" sheet.  We have colored it and add a flame every Monday we return to school.