Monday, November 30, 2015

Oh no! Has it really been about a month since I have posted on the blog???? Shame on me! It is a time consuming, yet rewarding task. I like to provide a window to my classroom for parent's to see. It does motivate me to hear from you all, so I know that the site is being read/looked at though, so always feel free to leave me some feedback. Ok, so let's go back to October. During our spider theme, we worked more on our _at word families. Here's a look at an interactive QR code game, that the kids play with the tablet. They have to match the _at picture to the text, to the QR code text.

We have been working a lot on beginning sounds in our centers. We introduced ABC order, and _an word family as well.   Here are some of our activities:

We started our reading groups, we use Reading A-Z for many of our stories.  After this particular one, we made a grocery list of what you would need to make YOUR sandwich.  

In Math, Mrs. Dugan came up with a great Thanksgiving Probability center:

We made our pilgrims with what they were thankful for... this one makes my teacher heart happy!  

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