Monday, September 5, 2016

This past week in school, the class received their "prayer pockets."  We discussed as a class why we pray, and that we can pray anytime during our day, and we can pray a lot of different ways.  We made a classroom list of people and things we wanted to pray for as a class, I typed it up at home, and printed them out for their prayer pockets.  Their prayer pockets get to stay at home with them, and they can color pictures of people/things to pray for, or if they are ready to write, they can write the words and pray for these intentions anytime.  
We also are having a lot of fun with our alternative seating, and "reading" our Library books to our reading buddies, aka stuffed animals. :)  

However, one of the favorite highlights of the week was writing our numbers in shaving cream!  

Look at those faces!  Shaving cream for the win, y'all!  


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