Thursday, February 6, 2014

100th Day Activities

Can any of you believe we have been in school for 100 days already?  It went fast, that's for sure!  I always have to make sure I spend time talking about how the 100th day does not mean it's the last day of school.  Every year, I have a Kinder think that, and they are disappointed to find out that they are not off the rest of the year! :)  Here are some of our activities we had today:

These 2 are switching their cards in their Calendar Journals to match 100, how exciting!!

Fruit Loop Necklaces!  We start by putting 100 fruit loops on a hundreds chart so we don't lose track, and then string them on a necklace.  When they are finished they are 100 Fruit Loops happier! :)
                     100 day headbands!

It was a fun filled day with many 100's activities.  It is so fun to see the excitement they have about this day!


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