Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today was so fun!  It was only a half day of school, so we had a lot to get in.  We started with our calendar routine and I was so impressed with the amount of enthusiasm with our songs and such that we quickly moved to dancing!  YEP! What good is a Friday Fun Day without some moves, right?  We cut a rug like nobody's business today!  I should have got my camera out for that, but didn't think about it.  I promise I'll get our dancing on camera one of these days.  

When it was time for our Valentine's Party, we decorated our Valentine holders with some fun foamies.  Then they passed out their Valentine's and had a snack, and then we were out of time!  I can't believe how fast that went.  I had a fun little game planned that we did not get to.  That's ok, I can always use it for a down time moment.  

Here are some pics of them decorating their bags:


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