Monday, February 3, 2014

Dinosaur Week

Dinosaur week is always one of my favorites!  The kids are always so excited to explore this theme.  Here is a fun center we do to build on our knowledge of word families.  I just took one of the "Biggie Patterns" from Scholastic and copied it onto various colored paper.  The pattern came as a stegosaurus, so I just cut off the spines and wrote individual letters in those, and the word family on the dinosaur.  I made a record sheet and viola, there we have it.  We have been working on nonsense vs real words, so in this center, I only have them write the real words.  

Here are some pictures of us at centers this week.  We did the above center and then also did a "sight word find" with magnifying glasses to help us find those tiny tiny sight words on our dinosaur picture. We are working hard on sentence expanding.  I thought it turned out really, really well.   


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