Friday, August 8, 2014

Five for Friday

Hi everyone!  I'm baaaaack from my vacation in Florida!  It was SUPERB!!  Exactly what I needed.  I am linking up with DoodleBugs for another

Ok, I'm guilty of still coming off of vacation mode.  I recently returned from a vacation to the panhandle of Florida and it was lovely!!!  I've always been a beach girl and this vacation we just chilled on the beach and poolside almost the whole time.  ---My type of vacation.

My husband is in the military, so we thought while we were close, it would be fun to visit the Pensacola Naval Air Station.  Here are my 2 boys by their favorite plane.  Their sister was enamored with the moon/space shuttle display they had set up.  It was a very fun place to go, and was very kid friendly as well, which is always something important to us these days.  :)
I have finalized my class helpers with these cute little surfers from Creative Clips.  
I'm sure you all are right there with me.  The room decor and organization is well underway.  I am almost all finished.  Here is the area outside my door.  

Finally, I share with you some of my favorite quotes that I am pocketing for the beginning of this school year.  I hope you all have a wonderful year!!

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  1. Vacation, oh how I love you! Glad you had a good one! I haven't read that version of the Serenity prayer--it is fantastic. Thanks for sharing it. I hope you have a wonderful year!!
    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family