Sunday, August 24, 2014

A new year has begun

We are officially up and running!  School started for us on Tuesday, and we've been going strong since then.  Earlier in the summer,  the teachers were asked what our favorite Bible verse was.  Beings that I work at a Catholic School, I just assumed we'd share why we liked it,  or something of that nature.  I came in the Sunday before school started and was so impressed by everyone's favorite verse displayed next to their door.  It has only been up a week, and already mine has inspired me several times.

Sometimes for me this verse comes in handy when I am experience emotional loss, and sometimes for me I use this verse quite literally:  "God give me the strength to make it to the kids bedtimes."  As most of you know, I have 3 small kiddos, and I love them to pieces, but there are days they drain the energy right out of their old momma.  :)  Whatever the case, thank you thank you, THANK YOU to the administrator, and whoever else aided in this idea.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

On a related many of you Kindergarten teachers made it past 9pm on your first week of school?  I actually DID!  One of the four nights anyway.  :)  A.  I am not adjusted to waking up early again.  Do any of you say what I say a couple weeks before school..."I'm going to start getting up at school time the week before school starts to start getting my body adjusted AND I'm going to wake the kids then too so they aren't crabby as all get-out get adjusted to when school starts."  Ppppsh, did not happen for us.  I did wake up earlier than the kids one of the days the week before school, and I contemplating waking them up.  Let's just say, some quiet, me time won out!!!  
But B.  you forget how go-go-go it is with these little guys at the start of school.  
I have to share this precious photo I took of one of the kiddos at our "Quiet Time" period we have after lunch.

How sweet is that?!?  Just precious. 

On to our first week though.  I always enjoy meeting the new faces, getting to know all the kids.  And I love the beginning of the school year because the kids are so excited about everything.  New toys, new routine, new teacher!   

For all the teachers out there:  "Good luck and blessings to you as you begin the school year with all your new kiddos.  I hope you have a fantastic, inspiring, and fun filled year."

For my parents:  "You made it through week 1!!  Thank you so much for entrusting your children to me--I promise to care for them like my own!"


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