Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Oooooh July

Hi Guys! Guess what? It's July. Yep, no joke. So I swear thee minute after those fireworks were finished I felt a little tug. A "it's July" know what that means: School. Let me clarify:  I love my job so it's not "school" as much as feeling overwhelmed by getting a classroom ready, adding new things, deleting old things that didn't work as planned.  Tweeking, planning, prepping--that's what I'm talking about. Now admittedly, I'm a little OCD, I'm a planner--that's my downfall. Not a downfall really...unless its JULY. July brings mixed feelings: On one hand I love July, you are settled into summer-mode. You are enjoying the pool, outdoors, BBQ's, amusement parks, the whole bit. But July is also when the dreams/nightmares start. The "it's the first day of school and your room isn't even ready yet" nightmares! Aaahhhh! The "but I haven't even done 1/4 of my Summer to do list!" the "I'm late to school on the first day" nightmares: and so on and so on. So I found myself in a little bit of a frenzy this week thinking I better do this, and this, and this...My thinking being..because now it's JULY! And in my defense, we are going on a family vacation the end of July into early August, so once we are back from's pretty much game on. In sharing my to do's with my husband, he just burst out laughing. REALLY??!!?? I was having a freak out moment, and he's laughing? I was appalled. I couldn't think of anything to do but stare at the man, to which he finally responds "Becky, it's Juuuuuuuuly!!!" Sigh. My "it's JULY" and his "it's Juuuuuuuly!" carried 2 totally different connotations! So I ask you, teacher friends, which are you?? Are you Becky July or Hubby July? I really did try to reign in the OCD after he drilled it in me that there is still much summer to be had, much time to set up, do paperwork, etc. So, in honor of trying to be like "hubby July", I refrained from anything classroom related for a solid couple of days. :-) Now, when I say I refrained from classroom work, don't you all go getting this vision of me at my home workstation all day, everyday do all things classroom related--that's NOT what it looks like. With 3 little kids, I have learned the art of multitasking.  I've really become quite good at it.   So, when the 2 yr old naps, and I am confined to the house, I watch my previously recorded "Bachelorette"-while cutting out lamination, or whatever. And YES, you heard me..the Bachelorette--I'm desperate people. Summer TV is killing me! I actually started watching the last season of Scandal over again bc I missed it so much! Gladiators? Anyone? Anyhoosy, I took some time off of even those nap filled tasks.--HARD TO DO! Seriously! What did I do? Well, I organized the mudroom. I took pics of the before/after, but I'm too embarrassed of the before's to even post, so you will just have to trust that it was a MESS and I am proud of my feat there. I also started reading "One Thousand Gifts" and got the devotional that relates. Oh my gosh, what a good, spiritually uplifting book. I love it!!
Also took the kids to Grant's Farm, the pool, and have been working a lot with my blog designer for a cute, CUTE new look for this blog.    Do be sure to tune in for the new design.  I've seen the basic design, minus a few tweeks:  Soooo adorable!
Anyway, I have also rewatched said episodes of my all time favorite show:  Scandal.  I found this and laughed out loud.--
What have you been doing with your summer?  I hope you are all relaxing and in "hubby July" mode.  :-)


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