Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A fresh new look for a fresh new year

First things first, I have to thank Kassie from Designs by Kassie for my new blog look!  She. was. awesome!  I told her what I wanted, and it's like she read my mind on the designs!!  The girl is talented, let me tell ya.  Aside from being talented, she is also very professional and despite her number of work orders, was very timely in communicating and designing everything for my blog.  So, thank you Kassie!

I wanted a new blog design for a new school year.  My blog design before did not look "primary" at all.  I teach Kinders, this is "Kinder Korner" and I wanted my blog design to reflect as much.  I look forward to the year ahead with my new Kinders.  My family and I will be going on vacation in a week, and when we get back from that, I can't believe it will pretty much be go-time!

Anyway, I wanted to share this post with you so you could see my new design.  So you guys that are on your phones, get off and come take a peek!  :-)


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