Saturday, July 12, 2014

Binder Organization

Hi all!  I 'm writing today pretty thrilled that at LONG LAST, I have finally completed my binder project for planning/organization.  I started this project in about January.-- Got a wild hair to reconfigure how I store my files for themes, centers, writing, etc.  I wanted a one-stop shop, that was organized, could be stored away, but would not take up half of my basement storage space as it had before.  So, I decided to try this.  Previously, I had my files, centers, writing, crafts, and books for that theme all stored in tubs.  This was a great system....if your husband doesn't mind the 25 tubs in your basement, or if you don't mind hauling tubs back and forth constantly to the classroom.   My husband is wonderfully supportive of my teacher-things, but this was getting out of hand.  I wish I would have taken a pic of our basement and all the tubs.  So, I decided to make a binder for each theme.  Now, many of you don't do themes as much anymore, and we are in the same boat here really.  We DO them, but they are not the primary mode for our writing, math, etc.  We do not always base our centers, or math activities on our themes.  Sometimes they relate, sometimes they do not, but our centers, and writing are now always based on where we are in the progression of the year, it's just that i stick them in the weekly or sometimes bi weekly theme files.  I thought about a monthly binder system, but I plan by weeks, and the monthly would just mess me up.  My brain is a little weird like that.  :-)  So, I started in January and did each week after that into a binder.  That left from Aug-Dec to do over the summer and I just finished TODAY!!!  Here is what I did:  
First, I put all my themed books into categories in my classroom to get rid of some of the bulk.  They are sitting nicely and neatly in organized bins.  
Then, I put all my files for the week into a binder with several page protectors to divide the different areas.  For example, I have a page protector for our crafts for the week, writing, centers, and misc papers.
The larger art projects that dont fit in the page protectors go in the front or back pocket.  If there were cards from a center, etc, I put those in ziploc bags and poked a hole to go into the binder as well.  Take a look:

I love how it turned out, and especially love that they don't take up my whole basement!.  It still takes up space, but I'm thinking of storing Semester 2 at home while I am in Semester 1.  These will easily fit in a tub or 2.  Anyway, I had to share my excitement about this project being done!!!  FINALLY!  Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I have been storing my themes in binders for several years now. What a space saver! After doing this I realized I didn't need most of the bigger, bulky items I had in the boxes and was able to get rid of most of them. I do have a few smaller boxes yet for themes like Christmas.)

  2. Sorry to post twice, but the first one cut me off for some reason! Anyway, I wanted to say how adorable your binder labels are! Mine aren't that cute. I think you have inspired me to get on the ball and re-do mine!

    Spotlight on Kindergarten

  3. OH good, so you like the binder method? Yes! I also found it made me get rid of old papers that you hang on to forever, but never even use! Thank you for the compliment, I am addicted to cute clip art and fonts!