Thursday, April 3, 2014

the many uses of a divided tray...

Ok, so this week I find myself swamped in work! --Not for this year though, I'm already thinking of new things to implement, new ideas to try, and with three small kids, the more organized I can get now, the easier it makes my life come August.  I'm working on reading groups activities/organization, I am working on a new behavior system that makes misbehavior less of a guessing game for the parents, a new classroom makeover, my minds justa' adding on to the already large "to do" list.  When I'm trying something new though-that I think will benefit the kids, its not even like work, I get all excited. Thankfully, I've got some awesome co workers that inspire me to try new things.   Anyway, that's what I've been up to this week.  

Here is a center we have going on this week.  

If I have any advice for primary teachers, it  is BUY THESE TRAYS!  I use them for SOOO many activities!!  We do CVC work with them, we make CVC words from our names...a ton with them.  And they are only $1!!  I got mine from Walmart a few years ago during the spring/summer.  

In this particular center there are spring caterpillars, each a certain word family, and they make those word family words in their trays with magnetic letters (or whatever letters you have available).  I had them take a Dry Erase marker and write them on the caterpillar instead of using the recording sheet.  The recording sheet would be great for first grade, though.  

Here's me with my plug:  (cough, cough): The caterpillars and the recording sheet are part of Spring Bundle unit on TPT.  Click here to see it.  Have a good rest of the week, everyone! 


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