Thursday, April 24, 2014

More QR Craze

I hope everyone had a great Easter!  The month of April has just seemed to have flown by!  We will be doing our study of chicks, and other oviparous animals, this week and next.  This is always a very memorable theme for the kids, especially when they get to see the chicks hatch.  We will be getting our eggs on Friday, and they should start hatching on Tuesday!  I am so excited!!  
Until then, we are busy, busy, busy with our day to day. 
 Here is a center that is always fun.  I have found this center works better mid-late year when the kids can understand better CVC words, word families, etc.  So, in this center they pull out the letters in their name, put them on top.  If a kid has a short name or a vowel-filled name, I let them use the letters of their last name too.  Then in the divided part, I have them put a vowel in the middle, and I usually have them make a word family and try to make words from that.  That is how I found is easiest for them.  

Before Easter I started some work on QR Codes again.  I wanted something new that the kids could do at a center.  I came up with some QR codes where the kids scan, write, and put them in ABC order.  After that, I thought, "hey, I could use the same format and do more with rhyming words too!"  I also did some place value ones as well.  This week we are doing rhyming, and next week we are going to work on the ABC order.  All of these will be available on my TPT store, but for now, the ABC order is the only product up and ready to go.  

I do have a piece of advice, the qr codes are all in a row, so I found it beneficial, to put scrap paper on top of the ones you are not scanning, so it doesn't scan the wrong one.  
Click here to view the ABC Order QR codes on my TPT store.



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