Tuesday, April 29, 2014

here a chick, there a chick...

AAAAAAND....we have chicks!

I love this unit, because hatching chicks is so memorable to these little guys!  What a great way to get a hands on learning experience, too!  I gotta tell you...I have a little boy this year who has been SOOOOOO excited about chicks.  I think he started asking me when we were going to get them in our Dinosaur unit WAY back in FEBRUARY!  And since then, it has been an ongoing question. :-)  It was fun to see the class get excited about our chicks hatching today, and especially fun to see this little boy trying to contain all his enthusiasm! 

We have begun naming the chicks.  Meet Fluffy. 

Fluffy had a big crack in his egg when we left school yesterday, so I had a hunch he would hatch while we were out.  He sure did.  There were 2 chicks already hatched when we came into school today and this morning we got to see another hatch.  "Fluffy" was so funny, b/c he was so protective of the other one while it was hatching. 

Meet Mr. Wiggles. 
He was named Mr. Wiggles b/c even though his crack in the egg was significantly smaller than Fluffy's yesterday, he was just a wigglin' around in his egg. 

Lastly, (for now at least), we have Lucky.  I'm not sure why they wanted to name this one Lucky, but they all liked that name, so Lucky he shall be!  Lucky was the one that most of the class got to watch hatch.  They had all went to recess, and before they left, I'm not kidding, there was a good size crack, but nothing I was expecting to hatch anytime soon.  I checked on it towards the end of their recess and the crack was all the way around the egg.
I knew it was coming soon, so I got out my phone and 3/4 the class was in the classroom while it happened, but some were still washing up while it hatched.  I showed the video to those kids who missed it.  Their excitment is contagious!  I love it!
So, here is our infamous Lucky!

 We still have 3 eggs left in our incubator and 2 of them are cracked, so we will see what happens.  I will be updating this post through out the week as we get more and more pictures of our chicks, so keep checking in with us. 


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