Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pinspired Thursday

I am linking up again with Just a Primary Girl for another Pinspired Thursday.      Click here to join her Link Up.    

I have plenty of Pinterest fav's to choose from.  Another project I decided to make was this:
"I love you because ____" frame tutorial.....Pinterest inspired
I wanted to do this for many reasons, but mainly being I married a wonderful, wonderful man and shouldn't we ALL be told daily some positive words--especially from those we love?  I say "YES!"  So that is why this was actually my first EVER Pinterest project, back in the day.  Click here for the original site.  
And here, ladies & gents, is mine:
That is actually a horrible picture, but it is the teal color of our bedroom and sits up on the dresser.  I just took scrapbook paper, cut it to the size of the frame, took some cream cardstock, tore and burned the edges, glued and VIOLA!  I really do use this almost daily.  The dry erase on the glass comes off so easily.  My 7 yr old daughter has even started writing messages to her dad on here as well!  So sweet!  

As some of you know, I am a mom of 3 kids--younger kids-7 and under.  They are all into Disney and Disney movies.  For about 2 yrs now, I've done "Disney themed movie nights" for them on occasion.  Well, Pinterest has made this alot easier on me.  Last week, we decided to do another.  We decided on Monster's University.  So, I started looking on Pinterest, and found some great food ideas:
Monster Themed Birthday Party via Karas Party Ideas | #monster #birthday #party #ideas
Click here for the original link from Kara's Party  Ideas.  I got "pinspired" by this and came up with our meal for the night based on this idea.  Here is mine:

The kids had "Sully" Uncrustables.  (we had green plates instead of teal).  They also had monster eyes, fruit, and monster inspired rice crispy treats.  Lots of sugar in this "meal", but they deserve it every once in awhile.  They always have such a good time.  We invited some friends over too to eat with us then watched the movie together.  It is an easy and fun way to spend time with the kiddos.  

Lastly, for today...we have all seen these wonderful art displays.  I just love hanging up the kids art.  Here's what I was going for:
cute way to display children's artwork - curtain rod, hooks, and wall word decals saying play, create, and dream.

Click here for the original website post from Frills, Fluff & Trucks. I just can't have enough tubs, etc for this kind of thing.  I imagine myself 95 yrs old looking through all of these things, smiling from ear to ear.  So, this is my version.  I added a little Dr. Seuss quote to mine:

That is all I have for today.  Thanks for stopping by, hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


  1. So awesome. Love the art! Thanks for linking up!!

  2. I love that you have Disney movie nights for your kids! What a great idea! I might have to borrow that when my kids get a little older! We love Disney too!! I love your frame too! We have one in our bedroom too!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade