Friday, June 27, 2014

Five for Friday Link Up

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I like this link up because I don't really have to think too hard, since it's just 5 random things about this past week.  Easy peasy.  So, here I go:

This week I started Week 1 of "Couch to 5k", I like it alot but I am nervous it will become too hard.  I am not a runner, have never been, and although I would love to be, am skeptical.  Nonetheless, I have heard from several people who claimed they were never runners either, that this works.  So I'm excited.  It looks like today, the tredmill has become the donosaurs' stomping ground.  I don't know why they choose this platform but it seems like I am constantly clearing off dinosaurs to get my workouts in.  :)  

I am painting my bookshelves in the classroom white.  It looks so crisp, and clean and so much more uniform.  You know how it is with different wood colors, they are very hard to flow with each other.  So, I had 4 I needed to paint, got 2 finished, 1 is drying, and then will have 1 more to do.  I am so excited to see the finished product in the classroom, I'm sure it will make a huge difference--especially with my bright colored bins for storage items.  

It is not all work and no play, though.  This morning my boys came up to me wanting to play superheroes.  How on earth can I say no to these faces?  I caved and spent the AM conquering the bad guys.  Seriously, I love the family time that the summer offers me.  They say some really grown up things sometimes, and I just think, "gosh, they grow up WAY too fast!"

I just got organized yesterday with a blog planning notebook.  I've been a "linky machine"lately--last Thurs being my first link up, & trying to get my blog up and running again after my long absence in the month of May.  Speaking of my blog, I am soooooo excited I will be getting a cute, primary, new design right around the time school will start up again.  I have done a few things on my own, but I'm not completely blog saavy, so I decided to let a pro design my blog for me.  I'm on a waiting list until about September though--stay tuned--I'm sure they will do a terrific job!


I have started collecting all things bright, and beachy for my classroom this year!  Super excited to put it all together but at the same time can't believe that 3-4 weeks of summer are already behind us!  You know this winter, when it seemed like we all lived in an ice age for a couple months?  Well, it was in all that gloom and doom, that I decided next school year was going to be bright, beachy, and cheerful.  

Well, that is my 5 for Friday.  Click here if you would like to link up as well.  Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Hi Becky! I am your newest follower! :) Your blog is great! I am not a runner either and wish I were... sometimes I feel like that dinosaur on your treadmill... :)
    Isn't it great to have time to play with your kids more? LOVE it. We just finished school TODAY- but I already feel like summer is flying by!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

    1. Yay!!!! Thank you so much!
      Oh my gosh!-Well, congrats on your last day--go enjoy! Are you on a year round schedule?