Friday, September 5, 2014

Sing Your Heart Out

This week was all things alphabet and all things number writing!!  This week we started our first alpha friend, and  we also concentrated on writing the numbers 0-5.  I remember when I was a student teacher, (20-21 yrs old, and in college), I was assigned 2 different field experiences in Kindergarten classrooms, and I would come home and tell my friend who was also my age, about how these Kindergarten teachers sang EVERYthing!!!  Me:  "Oh my gosh, Sarah, there is a song for EVERYthing!  And I guess they want me to sing to them too, but I just am not going to do it."  No joke.  I was unsure what grade I even wanted to teach, but I was pretty sure, I wasn't wanting to sing a song about Number 2, the color red, the letter A, and so on and so on.  YEAH.  Fast forward many many years, and here I am: singing, singing, singing!!!  A song for everything.  HA!
So, to my parents:  I take songs from many different people who have been teachers before, and we work them into our learning.  It is amazing how quickly the kids learn things when put to music, so to my 20 yr old self, I say: "Take that!"
Dr. Jean Feldman has made letter sounds super fun.  I always start the year singing "Alphardy" with the kids.  Whenever then we are writing in our journals and they are trying to think of a letter sound, we refer back to the song.  Parents:  This can be found on You Tube...just search Dr. Jean, Alphardy.

For number writing, I use a combination of Dr. Jean and Jack Hartmann.  Parents if you hear your kids reciting this, this is where they got it.

1--Start at the top and down we run, that's the way we make a one.
2-Around and back on a railroad track.  Two, two, two.
3-Around the tree, around the tree, that's the way we make a three.
4-Down over, down some more, that's the way we make a four.
5-Down, around, with a flag on high; that's the way we make a five.

That's as far as we got this week.  :)  You do what you gotta do, right?

We also played some Alphabet Bingo this week.

In addition to lots of singing, we also did lots of dancing this week.  Keep em movin', right?  
Here we are using Go Noodle this week.  Love those brain breaks!!

I love the enthusiasm!  That is MUSIC TO MY EARS!!!  

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  1. Lily was teaching some Kindergarten songs and playing letter bingo with her stuffed animals last night. I love that she is remembering what she does at school and wants to share it with her "friends".