Monday, September 22, 2014

Everything Alphabet

Truly.  Everything is Alphabet here is KB!  We are off and runing and trying our best at letter recognition, letter/number writing, and beginning to work on letter sounds as well.  Those tricky lowercase letters throw everything off.  So we have been doing a lot of capital./lowercase matching.

 This was a simple but effective center to help with this concept.  You can find this is my Alphabet Adventure pack in my TPT store.  I decided it would be easier to copy all the lowercase in one color, and capitals in another color rather than have a set with the same color for both, so that is what we did.

 My other center was strictly working on letter recognition with a fun game I call Alphabet Soup.

Also from my Alphabet Adventure pack was stamping the missing letters, and working on matching capital and lowercase letters by spinning lowercase but graphing capitals.  See the pictures below. 

Now to tackle those tricky lowercase letters:  I had them roll the lowercase die and color in the letter if they had it.  (After reading the letter to their group).  It's a form of Alphabet Bingo really, which meant I had some happy kiddos.

We are also working hard on color words, so this center is an oldie but goodie!  

And what would literacy & writing centers be without some "write around the rooms"?  I love how these 2 just got all comfy with it!  :)  

They have been working so hard!  I am proud of them all!  Til next time...


  1. It is amazing that the kids are so engaged! I have trouble keeping my ONE little one on task, and you have a whole classroom full. On top of that you make it seem effortless. :) Of course we all know how much effort, effortless takes.

    1. What a sweet compliment, thanks! It is much easier in a school environment though-my own kids never EVER sit like that for me! :-)