Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut.." (and today I did)

Our target skill we focused on today, and the rest of the week is punctuation and using it to cue our inflection while reading.  So for today's lesson, I decided to read the book, Punctuation Takes a Vacation.  Cute, cute book.  For my Kindergarten class this should have been a review because we had talked about the period, question mark, and exclamation point--and what their "jobs" were.  So, this lesson was not about "what punctuation should we put at the end of the sentence?" I geared it more toward using more inflection in our voices when we are reading.  After the story, I explained how we change our voices to fit these punctuation marks.  We don't say a (!) sentence as a question, etc.  I did some examples on the board of how a sentence sounds with a period behind it, and how that same sentence sounds with a ?, and a !.  I wanted them to work with partners to practice this inflection so I put some sentences (without punctuation) in a bag, along with a card with the 3 punctuation marks we focused on:  period, question mark, and exclamation.  I wanted to add an element of fun to it though, so I also put cards in their bags to "say it like Santa", or "say it like a grandma", etc.  So that's all well and good but I'm up there in the middle of a classroom, providing them with my best "monster voice", "parrot voice", etc.  Being in front of a class acting lke a parrot, can make a teacher feel pretty nutty.  Add in the fact that this lesson was being observed, and that the kids took awhile to warm up to my goofiness (CRICKETS!?!),  I pretty much felt like a hot mess.  :)   In the end, however, I will say that I think I took one for the team here though,  b/c "crazy lady" or not, the kids seemed to have a lot of fun with this inflection exercise..eventually! when they were doing it themselves.   And I was cracking up at some of the voices as well.

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  1. You crack me up, Becky! It sounds like a very creative lesson! :)

  2. Well, thank you, Laura. The things we do... ha ha ha!