Sunday, June 5, 2016

End of the School Year

Dear parents of my 2015-2016 class, ugh, what can I say? I'm a slacker.  Sooooo sorry, I have not posted anything since mid-March!?!?!?  Yikes.
Let me make up for it by posting a bunch of pictures from March on.  Here are some random pictures of things we had worked on.  In Math we started our shape study--2D and 3D shapes.  For 2D shapes we made "Shape People", and filled in properties for each different shape--how many sides and vertices--the students were so impressed to use such a big math word as "vertices."

In April we took our field trip to Grant's Farm & Suson Park, here are some snapshots:

Our Dinosaur unit proved to be one of their all time favorite themes to study.

making _at words

real vs nonsense words

And here is our 2015-2016 graduating Kindergarten class:

I hope you are all having a great summer!!  I miss these kiddos!  I got my first letter in the mail the other day(so sweet, I love it)--Keep em' coming!  :)  


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