Parent Korner

Hi Parents!  I thought it might be helpful to have a go-to place for all the important resources we use in the classroom, etc.

This is just a page for you and it will have ideas, important notes/resources, etc for you to utilize if you choose.  Please still contact me at school if you have any questions.-Thank you!


We spend the beginning of the school year working on letter recognition.  So many resources when teaching the alphabet, focus so much on capital letters, when in reality, we use, see, write lowercase letters more frequently.  (one of my pet peeves!)  For letter sounds, we use Alphafriends to help us learn those sounds.  We use to YouTube video, sing it daily, and they love it.  Here is the link:


Sight words (popcorn words) are a very important component in your child's reading journey and success.  This year, we decided to give you the whole year's worth of popcorn words at one time.  This is because you will be able to tell when your own child is ready to move forward with learning more words and those students should have that opportunity available to them.  We will post in our newsletter, the sight words studied that week.  It is your choice to give only those sight words to them, or advance them with more, if they are ready.  We created this list of popcorn words on a website called Quizlet.  You can download the free app on most phones and tablets, so it is an easy way to study these words in a different method or while on the go.  The following link is to the entire list of sight words.  I will also be creating the weekly featured list, when we get to that point in the school year.  I will post that link up as well, when we are at that point.  Once we start getting our words (they will get these words in an envelope), they should practice the words given nightly, until fluent.  

Here is the link to practice POPCORN WORDS on Quizlet.


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